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Why Getting Your Kids Outside & Off The Screen Is Good For You Too

As a young boy, I was always excited to run outside my home whenever I get time. For me, childhood is meant to be long hours of play, tattered toys, sweat, and dirty clothes. Even my parents, teachers and grandparents also told me that playing outside was ‘good for my health.’ Playing with kids was so much fun for me. Kick the can, baseball, riding bikes, and many more outdoor games made my day enjoyable.

But today, the super-fast digital lifestyle has robbed away childhood. The kids don’t play outside anymore. They are stuck in their mobile world.

This makes me sad sometimes. Even parents have become overprotective of their children and feel content when they don’t go out.

Sadly, this hurts the health and development of the children. Too much screen time and limited outdoor activities are not just making them unfit but also inviting health issues like obesity, vision problems, loss of social skills, and more.

As a parent, I get that it’s a scary world today. It’s always been a little scary, but it’s more publicized now, so parents are nervous about letting their kids be outside. But did you realize that getting your kids outside and off the screen is good for you too? Here’s why:

They Learn To Observe Things

Children are keen observers. When they play outside, they get a chance to explore nature. Outdoor games help children express themselves and test their physical limits to build self-confidence. Playing outdoor games helps in enhancing the learning abilities of kids.

This study by the Kansas School of Education claims outdoor play has numerous brain-boosting benefits for children. When children play outside, he/she has more freedom and space for big movements like kicking, throwing, jumping and kicking. Undoubtedly, physical activities are suitable for their fitness, physical development, and health.

They Get Natural Stimulation

Indulging in outdoor activities encourage kids’ creativity. When children play outside their imagination becomes stimulated by the objects around them, and that stirs up a lot of artistic and innovative ideas in them.

Encouraging your kids to play outside is a great idea. It may give you some time for yourself too, especially if you have a safe, fenced in yard or know that your kid is at a friends house under supervision. I know times have changed a bit, but I still remember my mom used to rest at home while I played outside and she woke up as soon as I entered the house.

They Develop Social Skills

Compared to indoors, outdoor spaces are less crowded. It is less intimidating and also helps children to be more social. This means children will enjoy outdoor activities and games more while interacting with children and making new friends. At the park, in the neighborhood, riding bikes. It not only develops the social skills of the children, but they will learn how to behave and talk with other children with the supervision of their parents.

They Become Healthy

There are plenty of health benefits of playing outside. Children become more active and get more room to play in. This helps them to build good fitness levels and strong bones along with burning off extra calories and energy. In winter, playing in the sun enables children to absorb vital vitamin D naturally, which protects them against Rickets, and gets them fresh air that isn’t as stable as in a house.

If your kids spend considerable time outdoors, they are more likely to establish a lifelong bond with nature. And it is good for their soul and bodies. Spending time in life brings a significant increase in the sense of well-being and happiness.

Make Time Today For The Outdoors

Outdoor play is essential for the mind and body of your children. I get it; you’re busy, and it’s not always convenient – but it could make a huge difference in the adult your kid becomes if you make a little time for it every day. Make it a habit to take your kids out at least 30 minutes to an hour every day, whether it’s playing in the snow, visiting the park or going for a walk. It’s your fresh air and exercise too.

Children imitate their elders in their lives and would take to outdoor activities when their parents encourage and appreciate them. Rather than limiting your child to indoor, let them step outside the home. Trust me; you’ll be surprised to see how their interpersonal skills and social behavior develop over time.

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