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Wall Paint Colors Every Couple Can Agree On

One lesson I’ve learned over my many years of marriage, other than that my wife is always right, is how to pick somewhat neutral, yet not totally boring paint colors we can both live with.

Look, on most accounts, the woman gets what she wants ’cause when mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy. But when it comes to the color of our home’s walls, I exert an opinion a bit more because I have to live with them too… So if you find yourself bumping heads with your spouse or partner on which color to paint the walls, this list is for you.

And if you still can’t agree, after trying all these shades, try having a sit down with your local painter. I know a painter in Elgin, IL that says he’s constantly playing mediator between couples on paint colors and he can usually find a happy medium for everyone. This way no one is the bad guy when the paint hits the walls.

Air Superiority Blue

This federally recognized shade of blue is often seen in military and engineering applications. But that doesn’t mean it won’t look good in your home.

It’s enough of a blue to keep the walls lively, yet not so bold that it causes a rift between the inhabitants.

Few people will put up a fuss over this color. It’s great for bathrooms and kitchens when you’re tired of bland shades.


Silver Gray

It’s hard to go wrong with most shades of gray, but some people find darker shades like Slate to be too dim and dingy. When you go with a lighter tone, it’s soft enough to be appealing yet not quite as boring as white or eggshell.

Pistachio or Sage Green

These are classic tones of green that seems to withstand every decade. Because they’re soft and subdued, they can easily compliment any kind of neutral furniture and style of accessory no matter what the current trend is. They are non-competing backgrounds to both bold and pastel colors, so decor can easily be changed from year to year without needing to repaint the walls. And because these are green colors and not, say, pink, most guys won’t object to these shades even though they fall on the more feminine, pastel side of the spectrum.

Banana Yellow

We’re talking the inner fruit here, not the outer peel. Many paint stores will offer some type of soft, pastel, not-too-wild shade of laid back yellow that looks a lot like a real banana fruit appears on the inside. If the color does truly match the fruit of a banana, it will be only slightly more yellow than ivory, giving it a bit more personality than it’s drab cousin. If ivory or eggshell is just too dull for your taste, but you just can’t make the leap to canary or mustard (and, really, few can), then this is a great way to bring some sunshine to your walls without going overboard. It’s a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms and even light deprived basements or dens where a little brightness is needed.

River Rock Brown

I got this name off the PPG site, but essentially it’s a soft, light brown that’s not quite mauve. It’s pretty neutral and would be a good choice for families that don’t like the sterile look of gray and want something warmer. Works for most common rooms.