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Spring Home Maintenance Projects To Tackle Before June

After a long, harsh winter, finally, Spring is here! It’s time to go outdoors and tackle my home maintenance projects and then maybe go for a hike or camping.

The comfortable spring weather pumps me up. It allows me to do all the outdoor chores from organizing the garage to preparing the garden before June so that I can enjoy and relax in the long, lazy summer coming ahead.

I am ready to get my hands dirty this Spring season and I am sure many are ready too.

Here are a few maintenance projects I like to complete before summer arrives to ensure that my home remains in excellent condition throughout the year:

Checking Screen Doors And Windows

This is the first thing I do before doing outdoor maintenance jobs. Screens are specially made to keep the bugs away and let the breeze flow in. However, they work well when free from tears and holes. Before fitting the screens for summers, I make sure to repair any tear or hole, regardless of how small they are.

Planting Trees In a Well Thought Out Location

I love greenery surrounding my house and the best way to achieve that is – by planting trees. It not only saves my home from heating up too much but also helps to reduce the cooling and heating costs.

Planting trees in the right location also help to block the wind from entering the house.

Raking The Lawn

Raking lawn in the Spring season to collect leaves, branches, and debris helps to keep my lawn clean and green. To keep the grass fresh beneath, I ensure that the outdoor water system including ground sprinkler, pipes, and faucets are working properly.

Pool Area Maintenance

I waited all winter, and now I can finally enjoy the pool season. But before using the pool, I make sure to skim and vacuum it to take out all the debris, and even adjust the pH level as required.

Organizing The Garage

Spring is the perfect time to clean out clutter from the garage and organize it accordingly. To make it an easy process the first thing I do is get rid of everything I haven’t used lately — either sell and donate usable items, recycle them or throw away unusable items. To keep the garage area neat I’ve added storage shelves, as well as painted and sealed the garage floor.

Repairing And Inspecting The Roof

Spring is the right time to get on the roof checked for any water damage that might have occurred due to collected ice or hail from winter. For me, repairing minor damage is a quick fix and it also saves me money by not having to deal with water damage in the future.

Wrapping Up The Post

This is how I tackle my spring maintenance projects. By fixing things before June, it gives me ample time to relax outdoors with family and friends and enjoy the summer sun. After all, everything is not just about work!