Meet Gary

Hey there, I’m Gary Dansher.

garyI spend most of my time outdoors; that’s really where I feel at home. Doesn’t matter if I’m redoing a deck, grilling with my crew, camping or hunting, I’m most myself when I’m outside.

I’m mostly an active guy who likes to work with his hands, not sit in front of a screen. But I do like writing and passing on my knowledge about roughing it or building stuff, so this is my outlet for that.

I find that a lot of people these days seem pretty cooped up and don’t get out like they used too. Kids are indoors even in the best weather and adults are glued to phones, rather than bikes or oars.

That’s just not right in my book, so I’m kinda payin’ it forward with my outdoor tips, hoping to inspire a few more folks in this world to get out there and get dirty. Paint a fence, go for a walk, grow a garden, build a shed, swim in a lake, camp for a weekend.

Whatever knocks your socks off. Just get outside.