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Bringing the Outside In When It’s Too Chilly To Be Outdoors

When the air gets colder, and the snow starts falling, the last thing I want to do is leave my house. The chilly days even make an outdoorsy man like me home bound within no time.

No doubt snow storms are terrible and during that time staying at home is delightful and relaxing. But to be honest, if it is more than two days, I start missing fresh air and other natural delights.

However, being stuck inside my house during winters doesn’t mean that my days have to be tedious. I love to utilize my time doing something creative and productive. I am sure many people like me love to experiment with something new while staying at home.

So let’s find out what I do to bring the outside in when it’s too chilly to be outside?

Hang Plants And Floor Potted Plants

I love to be surrounded by nature. But during winters as I can’t do much inside my home, so I bring in hanging flowers and floor potted plants. These not only add beauty to my house but also acts as wall art. And who doesn’t like adding greenery inside, especially when everything outside is covered with snow?

Open The Windows and Allow Some Fresh Air In

Breathing fresh air is one of my priorities. Just because it is chilly outside, I can’t make an excuse. So, I invited fresh air to my home by opening the windows for a few minutes. I can’t describe how I feel fresh air on my face. Out of the world!

Open The Blinds To Let More Light In

As soon as I wake up, the first thing I do is open the blinds to let some light inside. It is one of my daily routines to get the day started. Trust me, it makes my home much brighter and that too, instantaneously. Opening the blinds helps me enjoy the sunlight during the short winter days.

Add More Natural Decor

Speaking about the natural decor, something very aesthetic comes to my mind — the barn wood art. It has always been my personal favorite as it’s rustic and antique look brings an old world charm to feel to my home. This decorative wall art cozies up to any space and makes it feel like a home.

Make Use of Grapevine Wreaths

Grapevine is another piece of nature that I usually collect for the winter decor. It can be used in many different ways; a wreath for the front door, votives covered with grapevine for the dining table or it can be simply put in a vase beside the front door. The options are unlimited.

These were my coziest tips for bringing the outside in during the winter months. I hope you can use some of them to make your house a pretty and comfy place. You’ll be amazed how these tips will spread a cheerful glow over your home and make it your happiest place.

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I'm Gary. An outdoor enthusiast and home improvement hobbyist. I believe the world would be a slight better off if we all spent just a bit more time outside. This is my contribution to that.