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7 High Return Home Makeover Projects that Typically Cost Under $1,000

Those who are on a budget know how difficult it is to renovate your home while not spending way too much money. Regardless of what we do, the costs always seem to add up – and we end up paying a lot for projects that barely seem to show any differences.

Still, you can actually come up with a project with a high return – even if you are stuck with a budget of $1,000. By making the right choices, you can turn an aging room in an updated, new-looking one inexpensively.

1. Re-Tiling, New Paint, and New Kitchen Hardware

The costs to renovate an entire kitchen can go well over $20,000 – which is about 20 times the budget we’re working with in this article. However, if you only want a quick update, all you have to do is repaint the kitchen walls, change the cabinetry hardware along with the light fixtures, and retile the backlash. In fact, if you’re willing to take on the project yourself, you can even repaint your kitchen cabinets yourself, with just the cost of sanding and painting supplies, and really modernize the kitchen on a tiny budget.

2. Bathroom Accessories and Hardware

We spend a lot of our home time in the bathroom – and the wear shows. However, a full remodel can easily cost $6,000-$15,000 or more. So one of the affordable ways to tackle an aging bathroom or powder room is to give the hardware and fixtures a makeover.

Change out the accessories, like towel bars, hooks and shelving. Update soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. Replace shower curtains and bath mats.

Update old vanity lighting with newer, more modern fixtures. If it’s really dark in your bathroom, consider having an electrician wire up new lighting as well to brighten up the room.

Install new hardware, like cabinet handles, the towel closet door knob, shower heads and faucets. Even sink faucets and toilets can be updated for less than $1000 to update the look of the room.

If your tub, shower tiles or porcelein sinks are starting to show some serious wear, like chipping and peeling, consider a professional makeover from a local contractor that specializes in this, like St. Charles Bathtub Refinishing. This isn’t a job you really want to tack yourself because, depending on how deep into the tub’s layers you need to go, it can require some skill and special chemicals. However, even if you hire it out, this project really stretches a dollar. Your bathtub, shower or sink will look like-new again, without the cost of total replacement.

3. Reflecting the Light in Every Room

To give your entire home a makeover, you might want to open up your floor plan and let the light in. However, if you don’t have the budget to break down the walls and add windows, you can create this illusion by adding mirrors and painting the walls in light, warm colors. Also, adding in additional light fixtures with the help of a licensed electrician can make a room seem a lot brighter, even if the light is manufactured.

4. Building a Grand Entrance

The entrance is the first thing someone sees when entering your home – and it will certainly leave a long-lasting impression, even if the rest of the house is not so fancy. Simply changing the door will give your entire home a makeover – and it will probably not cost you more than $1,000, especially if you install it yourself. Although, an improperly installed door can let in air and stick when opening. So, while you might feel like you can undertake this one, a lot of door installers would probably advise you to have someone who does this sort of thing every day handle it for you.

5. Project “Bedroom”

One way to kick your bedroom up a notch is to change the tops and bottoms. Replacing the floor can cost around $700, depending on the size of the room and materials chosen, and with the rest of the money, you can buy a nice ceiling fan.

6. Project “Living Room”

Every guest is welcomed in the living room – so giving it a makeover will certainly bring you a high return. Paint the walls, buy a coffee table or a new sofa, install some ceiling medallions and shelves, and mount your TV. All of this can cost you less than $1000.

7. Turn the Balcony in a Recreational Space

Many people keep their balcony for storage or the occasional whiff of air – however, you can also change it into a recreational space – like a private retreat. Just paint the (existing) walls, add a rug, a sofa, and a few flowers – and you will basically have an outdoor room for less than $1000.

As you can see, even if you are currently on a budget, you can still bring your home up a notch. You just have to know exactly what room you are “targeting.”