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5 Outdoor Sports That Are Best When It’s Freakishly Cold Outside

I love being outdoors, no matter what the season. If winter is tough, then I am tough too! I like to try my hand at adventurous activities and embrace the chills that the cold season brings with it. If you are wondering what fun activities you can do during this season, then let me tell you there are plenty of doors open. My choices for winter adventure are pretty broad – from skiing and snowboarding to ice fishing and wildlife. I enjoy it all.

Here are the top 5 winter outdoor sports that I like to participate in.


Skiing is my no. 1 sports activity for winter and I feel it is something anyone can try. (Just be safe and get proper training to avoid injury.) For me, it is incredibly meditative as it is all about maintaining balance. Moreover, it gives me access to the most eye-pleasing view in the world. Standing on top of the mountain amazes me all the time. Trust me, the feeling you get is incredible and peaceful at the same time.

If you are looking for ideas to conquer winter boredom, try this.


Winter has its charm. Though you miss your favorite fun activities like swimming, basketball, long strolls in the park, especially when the snow starts falling, but don’t forget winter brings new activities that we can all enjoy.

Snowboarding is the most thrilling activity, and it makes me feel like I have superpowers. The feeling of riding on a snowboard and flying through the air is marvelous. I think it is an excellent outdoor winter sport for anyone who wants to uplift their adrenaline rush by doing a perfect carve at high speed.

It’s a tougher one to learn and master, but it can be done, depending on your adventurous spirit and level of patience. Again though, safety first. Injuries can happen…you’ve been warned.

Hunting For Winter Bucks

Hunting is my favorite thing to do during the winter season. Buckshot can be easily tracked in winter as the white snow makes it easier to look for blood. Also, the low temperature in winter works as an automatic meat freezer, which means you don’t have to be worried about meat being spoiled too quickly. Although hunting in the snow has its own set of challenges, l love taking those challenges.

Are you ready to give your hunting skills a try this winter?

Sledding With Kids

Family time – it is something I can’t afford to miss at all in any of the four seasons. And in winter, I give it my style by sledding down the hill with the kids. Zipping down a snow hill is an exhilarating experience – even for us big kids.
Again, use common sense and caution. Sledding can be just as dangerous as any other sport. If it’s a fast hill and you’ve got little ones, either switch to a slower hill or consider putting a helmet on your kids for safety…seriously, they can hit a rock under the snow if they fall off the sled.

Also, be aware of the added speed your body weight as an adult will add to the slide down. Make sure there is a long flat, slow plain at the bottom of the hill with no structures/rocks to give plenty of time to slow down at the end of the hill; and ensure there is a fence or snow pile at the end of that plain, so the sled doesn’t have any chance of sliding into a street full of cars.

Safety is key when sledding with kiddos.

Ice Fishing

Fishing can be tough especially when it’s freakishly cold outside. However, I think there is something special that ice fishing offers that you can never get in any other season. Ice fishing gives a whole different fishing experience. And honestly, you don’t have to be a professional if you have the right ice auger and the right fishing gear.

Ice fishing is not only an inexpensive way to have fun with friends and family, but it also provides a chance to see another side of the wildlife. Ice fishing offers an opportunity to learn so many things. So give it a chance this winter. Plus – fish dinner in winter!

These are my top favorite outdoor sports for winter. If you feel trapped inside your home every winter, this chilly season gets outside and enjoy these activities. You’ll thank me for it later.

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