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10 Ways to Make Your Yard Look Awesome

If you’re like me, you put a lot of effort into taking care of your house. And, for a lot of us, we’ve pictured the perfect lawn and landscaping inside our heads, but the reality we look at outside our door doesn’t match that vision at all.

Well, if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and spend a couple of weekends cleaning up your lawn, you can make it look awesome without spending tons of cash. Don’t despair.

Here are a few ways to make your yard look awesome:

1. Plant Some New Stuff: Plants make your yard look full of life. Buy new flower pots and put them in a spot where they can get enough sunlight. You can plant roses or mums because they bloom for the different season. At your local home improvement shop, buy some decent soil and water your plants regularly.

2. Trimming: Bushes, herbs, and shrubs can get overgrown in no time. So if you want your yard look full of life rather than lifeless, keep an eye on branches that look rough. Vines that are creeping over your fence should be trimmed at regular intervals. A band saw and a pair of long clippers will do the job.

3. Kill the Weeds: Where there are plants, there are weeds and they are the worst enemy of your good looking yard. You can easily spot them and pull them out of flower beds. In stubborn areas, you can use weed killer products (there are eco-friendly ones out there too).

4. Place Crisscross Lattice: White lattice gives good coverage in hiding the rough areas in your yard and brings a little charm too, if we’re cool with that sort of thing. It’s all about personal taste. Vinyl lattice is super cheap and requires less maintenance so it could be a good option.

5. Add Some Color: A few patches of colorful perennial flowers here and there will brighten up the yard in no time.

6. Get an Old Bench or Chairs: You can affordable snag an old bench or cozy chairs from an antique shop to bring some character and seating into your outdoor space. It’s amazing how a small piece of furniture can transform the look of your yard. If it’s a bench that’s going to remain stationery, then place it under the tree. If the chairs are light and portable, then put them wherever you want to sit and move around as needed.

7. Lighting: Most of us think about utilizing the yard space during the day, but often find ourselves out there at night too for late dinners and BBQ parties. Lightning can add a nice touch to everyday lounging and help when hosting a gathering too. Make sure you light up walkways for safety too.

8. Add a Fire Pit: Imagine sitting out back and enjoying the warmth of the fire during winter or when evening brings enough of a chill to lure you back inside. Adding a fire pit to your yard would be a great way to keep your family and friends outside no matter the temperature. If buying a fire pit is not suitable for your budget, there are a lot of great tutorials out there for making them yourself using mortar or cement along with some flat stones.

9. Edging: Your yard looks much better when manicured. A hard edge between your garden beds and yard will make things sharper. You can buy edgers from the hardware store.

10. Raking: Keeping leaves out of the grass is essential in the fall to making your property look tidy. The easiest way to go about it is a leaf blower, but if you don’t have one, use a good old fashioned rake. I know, it might be the most boring part of yard work, but it doesn’t have to be. I replace a workout with raking because I always work up a sweat…so, there you go, kill two birds with one stone. And when you’ve got little ones running around, they love to help you pile up the leaves so they can jump into them – take advantage of that spirit!

There you have it; ten simple, easy ways to make your yard look incredible all year long. Now get to it.

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